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To ensure primary education for all children.

To provide non-formal education to the street & working children chiefly from the deprived section of our society.

To promote literacy among adults, illiterate & needy villagers from rural areas and slum dwellers of urban areas,

To adopt and care for orphan and semi orphan children especially girl children by protecting their rights to food, shelter, health and education,

To provide health care and education to the needy and deserving,

To create awareness among and care for people and their families who are affected by HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria etc,

To conduct vocational training and counseling for adolescents and needy people,

To generate opportunities for income among unemployed people – especially the youth and adolescents,

To provide relief and rehabilitation care to the victims of any natural or manmade calamity,

To work on gender issues and welfare issues for women and children – especially girl children;

To provide awareness to the people about environment issues,

To create awareness among people about their legal rights, justice issues, advocacy etc.,

To promote Brotherhood, Communal Harmony, National Integration at all levels.